Alberto Martin: "I have a beautiful family, I don’t need a new partner"


belongs to a dying breed of actors. That generation of interpreters marked by the covers of magazines of the world of showfor the radio gossip, for the autograph fighters whose signatures, stamped on a common napkin, were erected in a true collector’s item, priced beyond price.

At this stage, the professional expansion of the always current Alberto Martin. In short, it belongs to that Buenos Aires, still anchored in the bohemia of the golden years, in the corner bar, in the neighborhood club, the dances, soccer, the pledged word and the ties of couples. forever.

Now he is again very active with Maria Rosa Fugazot, Matias Santoianni, Adriana Brodsky Y kitty locane doing “my mother in law or me“, of Gaby almiron and with the direction and production of Aldo Funes. The functions take place from Thursday to Sunday in the remodeled Teatro de la Casona.

In this regard, he told us: “I’m really happy. The work was installed early, from the outset. The audience fully enjoys it and we, on stage, are fully grateful.”

– Did Aldo Funes surprise you in this facet as a director?

-Honestly, a lot. Since 1979 he has been in comedy, starting with “Los hijos de López”, the great creation of Hugo Moser and, later, in participations that he did in various cycles of Adrian Suar. Consequently, I know this genre and the challenges that it entails in each venture. We are, I have no doubts, before a new breed of filmmakers who, like Funes, with a lot of ingenuity and a firm hand, manage the different aspects of modern comedy. And, in addition, from Funes, I was recently able to appreciate a lineage of directors that is four generations below mine and that, as I pointed out before, subjugated me. There is very good theater, at this moment, in Buenos Aires and I value it, accordingly.

Together with another great from the tables, María Rosa Fugazot. (Photo: Pablo Villan)

-As a comparison, how did your generation resolve the elements of comedy mechanics and technique?

– I understand that intuition has been an excluding factor, consequently, we appealed more to the capacity for improvisation. We were attentive to the best moment to be able to finish off a fundamental instance of the story.

-And how was that experience that, throughout your career, gave you impetus in the composition of your characters?

-As I am a person who shows off a great memory and, on the other hand, I like to study, I have as a work tool, to point out, in the book, all the annotations referring to the concept of the work that the director wants to carry out. Consequently, he did a lot of research on the script before he got to the first rehearsal. A mechanic, in short, that has given me many successes and in which, as far as possible, I try not to leave the slightest detail to chance.

– And in that evolution of so many television works and fictions captured for so long, did you have any pending issues?

-At the time I was doing “Tato de América” ​​on TV, Tato Bores I was performing, in the theater, “La cage de las locas”, a character carried out wonderfully and for which I still have the dream of being able to capture it, at some opportunity, since, in addition, I am of an age to be able to do it .

-Your career towards humor has to do with the well-remembered cycle “Los hijos de López”.

-It is true and I redouble the bet: my career has a before and after with Hugo Moser. Subsequently, in the fictions that I was lucky enough to travel, they have always asked me, as a priority, the path of humor.

“Los hios de López” (1980), a film based on the television series by Hugo Moser.

– Are you surprised, to any extent, by the loss of international markets that national fiction had?

-Unfortunately, this picture of the situation also has to do with the situation that has happened with the country in the last fifty years. In the economic part, we were the so-called breadbasket of the world. On the other hand, we taught Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the industrial system of Miami itself, what a teletheater was in artistic and production concept.

– What sensations, then, does it generate?

-We were leaders in all those countries that I mentioned earlier and just as Brazil also taught us to televise a soccer match, we, I insist, taught all of Latin America the possibility of carrying out a teletheater. Today we have to accept that they send us a Turkish soap opera and on top of that their characters speak Spanish. We have been the pioneers in exporting the great teletheaters. And not to mention the big names like Andrea del Boca, Gustavo Bermudez or own Jorge Martinez when he made an incipient career in Mexico. We were very strong. And currently, which I respect but do not share, foreign platforms with a dollar like the one we have buy us for coins and our producers have to make enormous efforts to be able to make their products. I, for 20 years, had a daily strip and a weekly unit. Where is all that today? There was a moment that Alejandro Romay, at the head of Channel 9, he capitalized ninety percent of his station’s content in artistic production. I emphasize this situation again: I am not discussing the quality of the platforms, but, I have no doubts, that I prefer to have, for life, a national industry production.

“Currently foreign platforms, with a dollar like the one we have, buy us for coins and our producers have to make enormous efforts”

-Moving on to a domestic issue, how does your affective current unfold?

-As everyone knows, I lived with my wife until she died for 47 years, a circumstance that clearly reflects that it was a lifetime. Thank God, this relationship has left me a beautiful family: three children and five grandchildren. And, in addition, I have two sisters and several nephews who are my true support.

On stage or off, he always has a smile. (Photo Chronicle – Pablo Villán)

– Does the idea of ​​having a partner appeal to you?

-For now it is not in my plans. Today, the present, allows me other things, with a different look, calmer, with more peace and, surely, with more enjoyment. The dramatic events open up another panorama for you and you enter, then, to look at objectives that you did not notice before. There is more time for children, sisters and brothers-in-law. And for my friends, too. I allow myself other moments that occupy beautiful moments.

-Does the fact that a couple share the same profession play for or against?

-I have known couples of friends that have lasted more than 30 years and others that ended quickly. There is no parameter, also, the personality of each one must influence.

-In recent times, we understand that you have overcome some health difficulties.

I’m on that path. I am a person who pays attention to the doctors and who follows the treatments. I am not sloppy at all. Precisely, at the end of December I finished a treatment. I attend clinically and I am rigorous in these aspects.


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