Albert Rosin on the relationship with a woman 13 years older: Nervous about the family’s reaction

Although Albert Rosin and Jenna Bagge have said several times that they themselves do not notice their age difference of 13 years, the former actually had misgivings about starting the relationship.

He feared the family’s reaction, says the 20-year-old Tinka star in the podcast ‘The Hunt for a Friend’.

“Yes, of course I did. I was nervous about what my friends and family would say about it,’ he says to the hosts Neel Rønholt and Julie Ølgaard.

“We don’t notice this age difference, but from the outside, when you just hear the age and the numbers, it can sound quite special. So I was nervous about how my friends and family would handle it.’

Albert Rosin with girlfriend Jenna Bagge.
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The actor and dancer formed a couple in the 2020 edition of ‘Wild with dance’ when they were 18 and 31 years old respectively. The chemistry between them was clear to all. But throughout the season, they stubbornly maintained that they were just good friends.

Because they were. But after the program something happened. Here they found peace to discover that they had more than dance in common. And then love began to blossom, Jenna Bagge previously told BT

Nor does she notice the age difference. Only once has it played an important role.

Namely when, in the early stages of their relationship, they had to find out if they should call themselves lovers.

“I don’t feel it in everyday life and I didn’t even think about it in ‘Wild with dancing’, but when a very young guy dates a woman who is a bit older, I think he knew from the start that for me it was either or,’ says Jenna Bagge.

“That we should either become real lovers and go that way, or we shouldn’t at all. Because otherwise it would just ruin a good friendship. That is why we needed a long time to be sure that now we are doing it.’

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