Albert (74), from Modave, built a 1924 Bugatti from A to Z… capable of driving: “I had in mind to create a legendary model”

Confinement was the opportunity for some people to discover a new passion. While some have taken to cooking, sewing or even drawing, Albert Leruth, a 74-year-old Modavian, developed a passion for the reproduction of famous ancestor cars. And these are not just simple reproductions, since these miniature cars drive!

“I am passionate about cars and in particular I was restoring old models. I have already restored a Citroën 5CV from the 1920s that I sold, then I decided to reproduce it in miniature with a small engine in it, ”he explains.

“After the Citroën, I made a Willys Jeep that drove like the one I have in my garage. The Jeep took me almost 400 hours of work. I didn’t want to stop there and had in mind to create an iconic car from the interwar period, the Bugatti Type 35 from 1924, a legendary model. “

>> He explains everything to us
: the former entrepreneur, now retired, started its reproduction from nothing, devoid of any material!

>> And almost 1000 hours later … VIDEO

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