akshara singh bigg boss ott bhojpuri: akshara singh revealed- ex boyfriend sent boys with acid, threatened to kill him

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh, who has been in a lot of discussion due to Bigg Boss OTT in the past, may have been out of the reality show but is still in the headlines. Before coming to Bigg Boss, Akshara Singh was in a lot of discussion about the relationship and breakup with a Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh. Akshara Singh has opened up about her struggle after being out of Bigg Boss OTT with our colleague ETimes.

‘I am alive because of my strength’

Akshara Singh said that she is proud of herself and if she is alive today it is only because of her strength. He said, ‘I have faced many things in life and I have had to fight many battles to reach here. People know me because of Bigg Boss and I have made my own way to come here. People have also supported me a lot and because of this love of people, I can face anything in life.

‘My family supported me a lot’

While praising her parents, Akshara Singh said, ‘My parents supported me a lot. Where I come from, most people do not support girls going to the movies. But when you go through such a bad relationship, people isolate you. But I consider myself lucky that my parents did not take me out of the house and supported me. I remember my father used to motivate me a lot when I was going through depression.

‘Send boys after me with acid’

Akshara Singh said, ‘I used to get threats to kill me and ruin my career. But after talking to my father, I got stronger and I stopped caring about these threats. Now I do not even fear for my life because I have faced so many things that the fear of death was over. I thought what will you kill, don’t let me kill you. My ex had sent some boys after me carrying bottles of acid. Drug addicts were sent behind me. I pray to God that no woman should have to go through the phase that I have gone through.

‘No one came forward to help me’

Akshara Singh also has a complaint with the film industry. He said, ‘No one from the industry came forward to help me. There were some people who came to console me but most people judged me. The whole industry had turned to one side and I was alone on the other side. I didn’t have any work. The films that I got were removed without giving any reason. Only my family knows how I could survive in Mumbai. All my money was spent and I was not getting films. After that I started making my own music albums which people liked. My ex wanted me to leave Mumbai and go back and commit suicide but I was successful once again with the blessings of my parents and God.

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