Akhenaton was hospitalized with Covid-19 last year, he did not wish to be "intubated"

Still opposed to vaccination, rapper Akhenaton was really lucky last year. He survived his coronavirus contamination and is gradually recovering from his hospitalization. This Thursday, January 13, it is in very good shape that he answered questions from Apolline de Malherbe at the microphone of RMC. And he’s pretty adamant on the vaccine issue: “I’m immune. I am not anti -ax, I am anti-ce-vax. I will do the Institut Pasteur one if possible. I prefer to listen to civil society rather than professional politicians who are in a star game of upstart even worse than the others! ”

The rapper spoke about his hospitalization and made some very surprising requests to the doctors: “I was oxygenated. Today, it is care that is done at home. But I asked what would happen if the oxygenation was not enough. They told me I would be intubated. I then asked that I not be intubated if my case worsened. It’s my view of things, ”he said. For leader of the IAM group, people who are not vaccinated have as much the right to have care as vaccinated people, it is indisputable for the rapper. “I am for freedom. If we want to find a normal life, we must consider that things are gradually returning to normal, and not accelerate the frantic race towards fear which gives a completely hysterical and divided society. “

On the RMC group’s Twitter page, some Internet users do not understand why the rapper did not want to be intubated: “Is he stupid or what?” Intubated does not mean that you end up in vegetables… in general, people come back to life afterwards »Others support him:« I think he is sufficiently cultivated so that you do not teach him anything !!! “

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