Ajax O16 and O17 lose to De Toekomst, O15 lashes out

This is the livetopic for the youth matches of Saturday 19 November. Ajax Under 17 kicks off the football Saturday against AZ, after which Ajax Under 15, Ajax Under 18 and Ajax Under 16 will play matches. Follow the duels live here and join the conversation!

FT | Ajax U17 – AZ U17 (2-3)

Ajax Under 17 lost 2-3 to AZ’s peers on Saturday afternoon. Avery Appiah and Kayden Wolff scored the goals on behalf of the Amsterdam club, but the two Ajax goals were not enough for three points.

Ajax got the first chance after a good dribble from Jan Faberski, but his final shot was blocked. After seven minutes, the team from Amsterdam did take the lead. After a good bounce from Shedrach Ebite, Appiah was able to swing. He brilliantly shot Ajax O17 ahead from a distance.

In the first 25 minutes, Ajax had the slight upper hand and most of the ball possession on De Toekomst, but the Alkmaarders proved to be a tough opponent. AZ O17 came out of its shell more and more and played football well under the pressure of Ajax a number of times. After 31 minutes there was the equalizer of AZ. A high ball around the center line was well tapped through, after which the visitors were able to break out quickly. Freek Entius was beaten with a shot in the long corner.

After the equalizer, two great opportunities followed for AZ O17. Shortly before the break, Ajax escaped from falling behind. An AZ attacker hits the ball – practically on the goal line – wrong, causing Ajax to escape with a fright. After that, the team from Amsterdam also had a good chance to take the lead before the break. A shot and a header from Ebite were cleverly turned.

Ajax U17 was the better team in the first fifteen minutes after the break, but that did not create many opportunities. After 61 minutes, the visitors from Alkmaar hit the post. A long ball shot through and created a good chance for AZ, but the post got in the way and Ajax escaped. Don O’Niel then gave a good pass on behalf of Ajax, but his cross was headed over by Ebite.

After 66 minutes, the team from Amsterdam did take the lead via Wolff. Mark Verkuijl blocked a ball well, after which Wolff had a good shooting chance. He took advantage of this opportunity with a careful shot in the short corner. Five minutes later, Ajax fumbled in the rear. Precious Ugwu twisted and was mercilessly punished. AZ came against the odds at a 2-2 score. In the absolute final phase, four minutes before the end, the visitors were awarded a penalty after a foul by Ryan van de Pavert. This penalty kick was used and AZ took a 2-3 lead in the final phase.

Lineup Ajax O17:

Entius; Van de Pavert, Ugwu, Janse, Jetten; Verkuijl, Appiah, Peters; Faberski (57′ Konadu), Ebite, Wolff.

Substitutions Ajax U17:

Van der Velde, Van der Graaf, Konadu, Sambo, Ouazane, O’niel, De Ruijter


1-0 Avery Appiah (7′)
1-1 Goal AZ U17 (31′)
2-1 Kayden Wolff (66′)
2-2 Goal AZ U17 (71′)
2-3 Goal AZ O17 (89′, pen.)

FT | Ajax U16 – Vitesse U16 (1-3)

Ajax U16 lost to Vitesse’s peers on Saturday afternoon. The team from Arnhem left the field at De Toekomst with a 1-3 win. Levi Acheampong provided the Amsterdam goal.

In the quiet opening phase, both teams seemed to mainly explore. In that respect it also fit the game image that the first serious goal danger arose from a long shot. Nick de Koning saw his chance and took a chance, but to his regret saw the ball explode on the crossbar.

Ajax remained the more dangerous team and after just over fifteen minutes they had an excellent opportunity to take the lead. Lyfe Oldenstam sent Emre Ünüvar off, but the attacker was unable to get the ball between the posts face to face with the Vitesse goalkeeper. The leatherwork flew over.

Halfway through the first half, Vitesse did what Ajax hadn’t been able to do until then: score. Aaron Bouwman handed in possession and saw the opposing striker put the 0-1 on the board. Less than ten minutes later it even became 0-2, when former Ajax player Ihab Guermat was sharp after a missed penalty from his teammate.

Despite the backlog, Ajax was unable to gain momentum in the match. The team from Amsterdam became increasingly sloppy and saw Vitesse almost take advantage several times. It was thanks to Valentijn van der Velde and a bit of luck that the damage for Ajax was limited to 0-2.

It enabled Acheampong more than ten minutes before the end to bring the tension back into the match. The midfielder was served by Ünüvar and subtly exploited the opportunity. However, the hope of a comeback was quickly dashed, because three minutes after the connection goal, Vitesse made it 1-3 and thus the decision in the match. From a deflected corner kick, the ball was nicely curled into the far corner and thus also put the final score on the board.

Lineup Ajax O16:

Van der Velde; Beekman, Bouwman (Luijer 67′), Onstein, Pereira da Gama (Johnson 67′); The King (Da Silva 67′), Sturgeon, Acheampong; Oldenstam (Amour 41′), Ünüvar, Puljhun (Concincion 41′).

Substitutions Ajax O16:

Amour, Concincion, Engel, Luijer, Da Silva, Johnson


0-1 Vitesse U16 (22′)
0-2 Ihab Guermat (30′)
1-2 Levi Acheampong (68′)
1-3 Vitesse U16

Other competitions:

FT | Ajax U15 – Go Ahead Eagles (8-1)

Ajax Under 15 won 8-1 on Saturday afternoon against the peers of Go Ahead Eagles. Miguel Da Silva and Jaydion Polonius both scored two goals. Pharell Nash, Eternal Barron, Hasan Ayyildiz and Jivayno Zinhagel were all accurate once. It was a special moment for the latter, because he made his debut in the O15 and is actually still a player of Ajax O14.

GES | PEC Zwolle – Ajax U18

PEC Zwolle – Ajax U18 stopped in the first half with a 1-2 lead and that had a remarkable reason: the linesman was injured.

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