Airport chaos, unions are calling for an increase in the “assets involved” in view of August. But August is already upon us

While from Ministry of Infrastructure “insufficient” and in any case late answers to the proposed one arrive airport chaos, the skies of Europe are preparing for a new strike. Wednesday July 27 all flights of the German airline Lufthansa in the airports of Frankfurt And Monk they will be canceled due to the protest of the ground crew. The strike will lead to the cancellation of 678 flights in Frankfurt e 345 in Munich, for a total of 134,000 passengers which will be affected by cancellations. And that they will be rebooked on alternative flights if possible, but the company said that “the available capacities are very limited”. Furthermore, Lufthansa believes that the strike could lead to new cancellations or delays of individual flights for Thursday and Friday.

The protest is linked to the negotiations for the salary of about 20,000 employees of the logistics, technical and cargo branches of the German company which is offering much less than demand. In line, like the strike, with what is happening throughout Europe where with theincrease in inflation, strikes were set up for higher pay by airport crews. All in a context in which travel has returned to grow exponentially from pre-Covid levels, while the companies are short of the staff that they have cut with both hands for the pandemic.

Italy is no exception, except for the fact that i staff cuts at the height of the pandemic there were no, however all the seasonal workforce which in the meantime has relocated and is no longer available today. The issue on Monday was at the center of a ministerial table that ended, as expected, with the dissatisfaction of the parties and with commitments that cannot be kept. If only for the fact that it is now too late to save the season. And so the trade unions that took part commented in a dry way that they could not help but “record not enough answers to the many problems that we have highlighted, the only fact that we evaluate positively is the commitment of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility to convene an ad hoc table with all carriers of low cost companies “.

Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Air Transport, therefore underlined that “in the next month of August the city of Rome, like Milan and Venice, will see an increase in tourist flows of about 30% compared to the same month of 2019 and a general positive trend for the whole of our country “, therefore”it is urgent to strengthen all the assets involved in time so as not to encounter the same critical issues that some European airport systems are facing “. It will be rather difficult, however, that what has not been done to date will be done in less than a week. A situation that does not bode well for the highlight month of the summer, just as the “assaults on operators of the sector “have reached a level such as to constitute a”problem”Ended up on the ministry table.

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