Airplane pilot sings to his passengers so they can sleep during the trip

There are many people who have bad experiences during their plane flights, but a pilot of a well-known airline from Mexico He decided to surprise his passengers by singing a song to them so that they could rest in the best way. The history was shared in Twitter and, immediately, it became a trend in this and other social networks.

The viral video took place inside a flight of Aeromexico and the pilot gave information about the plane, the Formula 1 and then he began to sing to lull the people in the seats.

The user of Twitter, Manuel Lopez San Martin, shared the video on the aforementioned social network with the following description: “This happened to me on an Aeromexico flight yesterday (turn up the volume). The pilot made us the night before take off. From the aviation classes, he went on to the results of Formula 1, to later sing to us. First, I got worried, then I laughed (…) I ended up singing with him “, he expressed.

In the video the pilot can be heard saying the following: “Sleep like little angels. If you, for any reason, cannot fall asleep, let me know and I can gladly sing you a beautiful lullaby that says like this ‘go to sleep children, go to sleep now’. Certainly they will say that I sing very ugly and yes, but I do it with a lot of affection for all of you “.

So far, the images were shared on Twitter they have exceeded 107.6 thousand reproductions and thousands of comments that have been fascinated with this particular event.

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