Aidan Gallagher as "Five"the balance of "The Umbrella Academy"

The news shows a kind of spring audiovisual content related to superheroes. Of course, Netflix does not ignore this trend and bets on several products of this genre. One of the main ones is “The Umbrella Academy” which has its third installment published a few days ago in the streaming giant.

Based on the comic of the same name, it tells the story of the seven “children” acquired by the eccentric Reginald Hargeeves (Colm Feore) they were barely born. This is a group of babies out of a total of 45 who were born on the same day in 1989 and with sudden pregnancies. His childhood was marked by the mandates of his father, who created the group of superheroes that gave the series its name, although after the passage of time they separate and begin their lives.

the figure of “Five” (everyone was marked with a number in addition to his name except for him), played by Aidan Gallagheris the highlight in the history that he developed in 2007 Gerard Wayrenowned singer of “My Chemical Romance”. His distinction is teleporting in time and space, which is why he was trapped many years in the future after the apocalypse they try to avoid throughout the three seasons.. Furthermore, he is accompanied by Elliot Page, David Castaneda, Tom Hopper Y Emmy Raver-Lampmanamong others.

Aidan Gallagher as “Five” in “The Umbrella Academy.”

Like the rest of the protagonists of “The Umbrella Academy”the character played by Aidan Gallagher suffered the consequences of the gifts he was born with. However, this gives him some experience that makes him the axis of the group that seeks to save the world, although so far it does not seem enough. “Five” has about 100 years lived but his appearance is that of a teenagerso his role as planner and brain in the missions to be accomplished is curious.

“As a critical fan, I was delighted with what we did this season”, explained in a report on the launch of the new installment. The American actor added about the role that he carries out: The trauma suffered really defines him. I think of those 45 years he spent in a post apocalyptic world. All his acquaintances have died. He’s lonely, desperate, and then he turns into this time-traveling killer. He has no chance to find out who he is as a person and he is just trying to prevent the end of the world.“.

The members of “The Umbrella Academy”.

The truth is that the third season presents a new difficulty for “The Umbrella Academy” after traveling back in time with a notable glitch. Upon returning to what they believed to be their home, they find his father with “The Sparrow Academy”, which deposits them in a parallel reality. As if the idea of ​​avoiding an apocalypse wasn’t enough, this time they also have to deal with a new series of superheroes that will take on a particular role in the plot.

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