Aid bis, Uil calculations: with the new cut of the wedge only 6 euros a month more for those who earn 8 thousand gross, 27 for those who take 35 thousand

Source Uil

The further announced decontribution 1% for the incomes up to 35 thousand euros gross will have an effect “irrelevant”On workers’ incomes, in particular for those with discontinuous jobs or lower wages. Waiting for cabinet called to launch the Aid decree bisthe Uil did the math (see table below) on how much more money would remain in the pockets of employees due to the new (temporary) cut in the tax wedge which will be added to that of 0.8% already in force until December (it was introduced in parallel with the disputed first part of the Irpef reform which mainly benefits i medium-high incomes). Result: the monthly increase varies from 6.15 euros more gross per month for a worker with a gross annual income of 8,000 euro ai 26.92 euros gross plus per month for income from 34,996 euros. In the income bracket medium of employees in the private sector, equal to approx 20,111 euros per yearthe benefit would be 15.47 euros gross per month in addition, a total of € 92.82 gross in the half year. “An alms”, comments the secretary Pierpaolo Bombardieri. “This confirms that unfortunately there is an enormous distance between the” Palace “and real life: the inability to grasp the reality made up of people who suffer emerges”.

As regards the pensions the partial advance of the 2% revaluation it would raise social security checks by figures between 10.49 euros more gross per month for minimum pensions and € 51.39 gross per month for those equal to 5 times the minimum. An average pension of 952 euros per month would have an increase of 19 euros gross, totaling 57 euros in the quarter from October to December. An increase, therefore, summarizes the Uil, of about 10 euros gross per month for every 500 euros of pension received.

“With this maneuver as proposed, up to 35 thousand euros go into the pockets of employees and retirees less than the one-off 200 euros which were disbursed in July ”, the general secretary of the CGIL revealed Wednesday Maurizio Landini. “So we’re not there. We shared the tools, but the resources are totally inadequate ”.

Also there Cisl usually very soft towards the executive is not satisfied. “Measures shareablebut you have to do more”, Says the CISL leader Luigi Sbarra. In particular, “we need to further strengthen the measures aimed at making the payrolls of employees heavier, as well as the interventions to adjust pensions and support for families. We must push on the accelerator by improving the social profile of the incoming decree even more with more direct interventions to protect the purchasing power of wages and pensions. In order to face the economic and social emergency, it is necessary to operate to raise the taxation on extra-profits and to take into consideration a budget gap, an essential condition for unlocking and financing other measures requested by us to support families in difficulty “.

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