Higher minimum and guaranteed wages!

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With the new year, the so-called minimum wage also increased, ie the area below which employers may not go by law. It rose by a thousand to 16,200 crowns, the hourly rate of the minimum wage also increased from CZK 90.50 to CZK 96.40. And with this rate, so-called guaranteed wages are also rising!

More tax respirators

The new government has abolished the VAT exemption for respirators since this year. Therefore, a gradual increase in prices is expected for them. The tax is 21 percent, so protective equipment can be expected to rise in price by a fifth.

Higher pensions

Even those who take a pension will have an increase in income. Firstly, thanks to regular valorisation, secondly, thanks to the bonus credited by the former government – the average pensioner will thus receive an additional 8 hundred a month. But everyone will take at least 650 crowns more.

Longer “vacation” for dads

From this year, new dads can have a two-week parental leave compared to the originally weekly one. He has to choose it sometime during the so-called sixth week. It is a benefit for employees and entrepreneurs who pay health insurance, and it amounts to 70% of gross wages.

Higher discount per taxpayer

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The basic discount per taxpayer will increase by 3,000 from 2022, to almost 31,000 crowns. Once again, all taxpayers will be entitled to it – entrepreneurs, employees, old-age pensioners, maternity mothers, etc., who had taxable income for at least part of the year. The discount is always applied in full annual amount, even in a situation where the gainful activity lasted only a few months. Last year, the tax rebate for the taxpayer amounted to CZK 27,840.

Support for released miners

This year, the list of mining companies whose employees can receive financial support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade is expanding. Miners from seventeen (see list) coal and uranium mines can receive a grant if they have been laid off by their employer for three reasons – as a result of downsizing, restructuring or a decline in mining activity. You can get either 8000 or 5300 crowns a month.

Higher money will get those from underground mining and lower from surface mining. Those workers are entitled to support for a period of three months if their employment with the designated mining company lasted less than 5 years. Those over the age of five can receive money for up to six months. The former miner can take the contribution for 60 months, but only if he has reached the age of 50 and his relationship with the company has lasted at least 25 years.

Higher flat tax

The flat tax, already paid by self-employed persons (self-employed persons), is increased by 525 crowns. Newly, self-employed persons who sign up for its payment will pay 5,994 crowns per month. By law, this adjustment takes place once a year and the amount of the flat tax depends on the development of the average wage.

… and there will be a bonus

Due to the fact that the rise in prices has gained momentum, it is likely that everyone who receives a pension will see a further increase from June. This is required by law if price growth has reached at least 5 percent over a period of time. In addition, seniors could receive 650 to 730 crowns a month.

The full article with details can be found in the printed version of the daily Aha! (Jan 10, 2022)

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