Agustina Cherri against attacks on "The 1-5 / 18": "The people who attack have never been to a village"

Yes OK “The 1-5 / 18” It has already been installed as one of the novels that causes a sensation among Argentine viewers, since its premiere the Polka project received a lot of criticism on social media, for the supposed romanticization of poverty and interpretation of its protagonists that embody the inhabitants of an emergency neighborhood.

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In dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen on “Mitre Live“, Agustina Cherri He referred to these negative comments: “I read some criticisms because they transcend, but it doesn’t anguish me or anger me. Sometimes I feel sorry from which place one speaks without knowledge when it is for the simple fact of damaging.” And I add: “Some are very aggressive, but it seems to me that it is part of the game as well. I understand that perhaps the people who attack from that place, they are people who have never been to a villa“.

Regarding his work in the novel created by Adrian Suar, the former partner of Gaston pauls stated that she feels very comfortable with her performance. “I am an actress who interprets and I say what I have to say, tell that story that some incredible authors are writing. Lola is a character that I have seen in many places, I work with various dining rooms and I have seen many Lolas”.

In addition, he highlighted the talent of his fellow cast members: “It is very difficult to generate so many links, so I’m very happy and calm with what I’m doing and what my colleagues are doing as well. “

Look what Agustina Cherri said about the insults in the networks to “La 1-5 / 18”!

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