Agrigento, fire around the Giovanni Paolo II hospital in Sciacca: flames extinguished

A large fire has developed inside the courtyard that delimits the “Giovanni Paolo II” hospital in Sciaccaclose to Agrigento, in Sicily. The flames are licking the rear entrance of the structure. THE fire fighters they are at work trying to tame the fire front.

After a few hours, the fire was put out. Verifications of any residual outbreaks are still ongoing. The stake, fueled by very high temperatureshas burned the undergrowth around the area, licking the entrance rear of the facility and causing apprehension among patients and healthcare professionals. However, it was not necessary to resort to the evacuation of the premises of the hospital complex. The situation remained under control for the entire duration of the extinguishing operations. The flames also approached the “Salvatore Lumia” bus fleet, located right next to the hospital. No damage has been recorded so far. At the moment the origin of the fire is still unknown.

“It went well this time, the timely intervention averted the worst, the flames were spreading rapidly,” he commented Fabio Termine, mayor of Sciacca. The investigations will clarify whether the stake is intentional. “It is still early to say – concludes Termine -. Surely in the last few days we have recorded many fires, also thanks to the very high temperatures. The luck this time is that we arrived in time, avoiding a tragedy ”.

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