Agnipath Recruitment 2022: More than 34 lakh registrations, more than 82000 women applied in Navy

There is a lot of enthusiasm among the youth for the Agneepath scheme for recruitment in the three services. More than 17 lakhs in the Army, more than 7 lakhs in the Air Force and more than 9 lakhs have applied to join the Navy. In Navy alone, applications of more than 82 thousand women have been received.

According to media reports, under the Agneepath scheme, more than 34 lakh applications have been received for vacancies of 31,000 posts in the Indian forces.

17.17 lakh applications have been received for 25,000 vacancies in the Indian Army, while 7.69 lakh applications have been received for 3,000 vacancies in the Indian Air Force. At the same time, giving information from its official Twitter handle, the Navy has said that, 2800 vacancies of SSR and 200 vacancies of MR were taken out in the Navy, in which more than 9 lakh youth have applied, the special thing is that 82000 women candidates are also in this. are included.

Earlier, the Navy did not recruit women as sailors, but after the introduction of the Agneepath scheme, the Navy now has 20% or 600 women Agniveers in all its branches including Communications (Electronic Warfare), Seamen (Underwater Sensors). have decided to include.

According to the Navy, women Agniveers will be appointed to the posts on the ships and as per the requirement.

The Army plans to recruit 40,000 Agniveers in two batches this year, while the Navy and Air Force will recruit 3,000 Agniveers each.

Under the Agneepath scheme, the Indian forces are expected to recruit about 59,000 soldiers, airmen and sailors in the next four years.

The selection of candidates in this scheme will be through a written test along with physical and medical fitness.

It is noteworthy that, recently the Central Government has started the Agneepath scheme to fill the vacancies in the Indian Armed Forces, under this scheme, now youth will be recruited in the army for 4 years, after which 75 percent of the Agniveers have retired. Whereas 25 percent Agniveers will continue their service in the army. For this the age limit has been fixed from 17 to 21 years, but due to the Kovid epidemic there was no recruitment in the armies for 2 years, due to which this year the age limit of application in Agneepath has been increased to 21. has been increased to 23 years from

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