After watching TVI’s ‘Summer Party’, Joana Marques leaves a promise about the return of her line

Enjoying a vacation period under the heading ‘Extremely Unpleasant’, which only returns in September, Joana Marques resorted to Instagram stories last night to launch a challenge to her followers as she was attentive to TVI’s ‘Summer Party’.

The comedian lifted the edge of the veil on the first episode that marks the return of the rubric and, in that sense, launched a poll with the question: “If I leave the extremely unpleasant 1st of September already written, do you think it is?“.

Joana Marques shared an excerpt from TVI’s ‘Summer Party’ and ended up reacting (with a promise) to the results of the vote she created, in which the (large) majority (96%) pointed out that it was “very professional of you” prepare the episode now: “I have to respect the popular will… September is already tomorrow“.

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