After two years of going viral, a woman who danced ‘Safaera’ reappears on TikTok

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, many began using TikTok to entertain yourself in those difficult days full of uncertainty. As a result of this situation, a large number of funny clips were recorded and, soon after, the viral video of the woman dancing to the song’Safaera‘ of Bad Bunny. The recording caused a tremendous uproar and now, almost two years after its release, its protagonist has reappeared on social networks. Here we tell you the full story.

With the ‘big head’ filter, the famous ‘Lady Safaera’, of Mexican origin, took out the forbidden steps in a room when listening to the catchy theme of ‘Bad Rabbit’. Her own son, identified as Jose Torrez (), He recorded the singular dance to later share it within the Chinese platform March 23, 2020.

Watch the viral video here

It reappeared in networks

However, the weeks passed and the charismatic mother disappeared from the networks. Now, after more than 20 months, the popular female appeared before the cameras again. This time, the ‘Lady Safaera’ showed his reaction after appreciating the photos of his face during the concerts of Bad Bunny.

during the tour World Hottest Tour in Latin Americasome followers remembered the video of the ‘Lady Safaera’ and they printed the woman’s face to use it as a mask in the middle of the show, reported .

Watch the viral video here

“What’s that? No, that’s lie. No mom*s, wey, it’s me. Really”, expressed the excited Mexican while viewing the images. Fortunately, everything was registered and the opinions were not lacking.

“He launched the TikTok in quarantine. Simply thanks”; “We love you a lot”, “ma’am, you were the best of the quarantine”; “because of you I opened TikTok. May life continue to give you lots of joy and lots of health!were some of the comments.

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