After the success of "The Argentine Voice"Lali Espósito sang live with Mau and Ricky: the video

Lali Esposito It is going through a great moment between television and live performances. The artist is one of the juries of The Argentine Voice and stands out night after night with its returns. Meanwhile, he develops the “Discipline Tours” that will take her to tour different parts of the country with her new songs.

The first date of the extensive list of live shows took her to the mythical Luna Park, where tickets were sold out and great surprises were expected. Within them, there were the surprise guests that he would have at the recital in the City of Buenos Aires.

To the delight of his followers, Mau and Ricky joined the scene Lali Esposito to perform two songs together that they originally recorded in a trio format. “I can not forget you” Y “Wanting without wanting” They were the songs chosen to be part of the recital and they received a standing ovation from those present.

The truth is that the agenda of Lali Esposito still more than busy. Before the recordings of “The Argentine Voice”you will have to present several more opportunities live, although it is unknown if Mau and Ricky they will be part again.

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