After the scandal with Nito Artaza, Ingrid Grudke has new work projects

Ingrid Grudke was very focused on her career as a bodybuilding model but decided to make a new change in his career. The friend of Jorge Ibanez He had started a new work project where he was going to be the magazine figure in the work of Nito Artaza.

After some complications with the production and hygiene issues in the theater, the fit model decided to leave the project. However, as reported the Pavada from Diario Crónica, the artist once again took her place as a jury in “The 8 Million Steps”.

During the recordings of the program Guido Kaczka, Nicole Neumann and Ingrid Grudke spoke about the project that the model abandoned and took advantage of the moment to unload with her colleague. There the mother of Allegra, Sienna and Indiana she will be going three times a week and the other days her friend will cover her.

The successful model is very happy with the question and answer format, and it was for this reason that she decided to return after abandoning it. As time goes by, the other jobs that Grudke has planned for his future will become known.

Ingrid Grudke as a bodybuilding model.

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