After the sad end of Bruce Willis’ career: One of his last films is now in cinemas

After years full of B films, most of which ended up directly in the video store, i.e. on various streaming platforms, fans of Bruce Willis can once again marvel at their hero on the big screen. The reason for this, however, is a sad one.

Bruce Willis was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars for many years thanks to the Die Hard series, but the fan-favorite’s career has stalled of late. Now the actor is returning to the big screen with the action film A Day To Die. The production, which was also not exactly complex, was initially not intended for a theatrical release.

We have sad news to thank for the fact that the film with Frank Grillo made it into the cinemas. A few weeks ago, Rumer Willis revealed that her father suffers from aphasia, a disease that impairs the mental production of language and makes it impossible for Bruce Willis to continue working as an actor. “A Day To Die” is accordingly one of his last films and that’s why it comes from Thursday, June 23, 2022, to the cinemas.

You can find reactions to Bruce Willis’ withdrawal in the video.

That’s what “A Day to Die” is about

Even if the film title alludes a little to the classic “Die Hard”, the story of “A Day to Die” is more reminiscent of the New York thriller “16 Blocks” by “Lethal Weapon” director Richard Donner. The current film is also about corruption in the police force, but this time Bruce Willis doesn’t have to fight it, but is caught in the crossfire himself. As a corrupt police chief, he has to decide which side of the law he really stands on, after all, the aim is to stop the kidnapping of a pregnant woman. You can now find out what choice Bruce Willis will make not only on the small screen, but in the cinema.

If you want to watch “16 Blocks” to get in the mood, you can find the action film on Amazon.

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