After the premiere of "The Hotel of the Famous 2"Charlotte Caniggia returned with her ex: the details

After a scandalous separation due to his infidelity, Charlotte Caniggia reconciled with Roberto Storino Landi. It should be remembered that a few months ago The businessman found the daughter of Mariana Nannis and the Caniggia Bird with one of her friends, Ian Hachman. The end of the relationship had a lot of media commotion, since both men came out to give their version of the eventsbeyond the statements of the participant of “The Hotel of the Famous”.

In “Us in the Morning”journalist Juan Etchegoyen assured: “Ladies and gentlemen, the reconciliation that we can confirm after last year’s scandalous separation is that of Charlotte Caniggia and Roberto Storino Landi”. The panelist revealed that after the return of the reality show, the sister of Alex Caniggia bet again for love.

Charlotte Caniggia reconciled with Roberto Storino Landi.

They went on a trip to the Caribbean and had a great time. They prioritized love over infidelity and that was stronger. It is a new possibility for love”, Etchegoyen noted. Then he added: “We will have to see how Charlotte behaves in ‘The hotel of the famous 2′”.

This Monday she debuted in the second season of the reality show of Thirteen, whose first edition had her brother as champion Alex, today the host of “The usual strangers”. Also, there is a lot of happiness for the influencer as she will become an aunt after the tender announcement of his brother along with Melody Luz, who met in the first season of “The Hotel of the Famous”.

Charlotte Caniggia had an affair with Ian Hachmann.

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