After "The Hotel of the Famous"Locho Loccisano confessed his near-death experience: "12 hours of operation"

Although it’s not over yet “The Hotel of the Famous”it is clear that locho loccisano is one of the “winners” for the strong stir he had since he entered the competition. The truth is that the influencer was one of the least popular competitors at the beginning of the program, although now he is a well-known figure in the media.

After leaving the celebrity reality show, he began to provide notes to reveal different issues in his life. During a report on Teleshow, he recalled a traumatic incident that he experienced during his adolescence, which caused him a lot of pain and forced him to stay hospitalized for a month.

“I was with the bicycle at the age of 13 walking down the street, I was half a biker, I jumped a little. I ate a very big pit and flew out strong, began by remembering the hard time he had to go through. In addition, she added: “My feet got stuck and I was going to fall on my head, so I covered my face and my whole body fell on my elbow, my elbow was pulverizedit broke into 40 parts”.

Locho Loccisano did not reach the final of “El Hotel de los Famosos”.

“At the age of 13, I spent a month in a hospital, crazy. They put eight or ten screws and two metal platesthat moment was tremendous. The first operation lasted ten hours, completed about the strong accident he suffered a long time ago. The former participant of the reality show took advantage of his departure to start going through his life story.

locho loccisano of “The Hotel of the Famous” is starting an affair with Majo Martino, although both insist that they are not boyfriends. During the last days they shared inside the Cañuelos establishment, they were very close to each other.

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