After "The Hotel of the Famous"Chanchi Estévez pointed against Locho Loccisano: "does things that annoy you"

From the sports field, Chanchi Estevez he became almost overnight a media characterafter passing through “The Hotel of the Famous”. It is that the former soccer player left his mark on the reality show that will end this Monday with the champion who comes out of the final between alex caniggia Y Martin Salwe.

First, he “profited” from his reunion with Sabrina Carballowho was his partner for several years, although the relationship ended badly. In the coexistence they filed rough edges – or so it seemed – and even “married” within the program. After that stage, became the leader of “The Family”a sort of subgroup within the hotel, made up of participants who took care of each other and harmed the rest in the competition.

He was accused of instigating bullying, parting the waters, but also forged a friendship with alex caniggia. In dialogue with Ulysses Jaitt in “The Comeback Show” by Radio Ensemble, Chanchi Estevez referred to this experience. “The truth is that I am happy, in general I think it has been a great opportunity and I showed that I can not only work as a coach, agent or soccer player”began to analyze.

Chanchi Estévez stood out in “The Hotel of the Famous”.

When asked if there was someone “bad milk” in “The Hotel of the Famous”I do not doubt: “Yes, but I’m not going to say it. Because really, if I had something very clear, it was that it was a game, that the game ended and the people remained; some out there didn’t understand it, they came out as very angry. They didn’t realize never realized that we are all good people, we all have to work, and it is a game where you had to eliminate yourself. Some took it badly and did things that were mean.”

Anyway Chanchi Estevez concluded: “I didn’t get along badly with anyone, I don’t hate anyone, I had no affinity with Locho, but if I see him outside we’ll have a coffee. I have mixed feelings with Locho, he doesn’t seem like a bad kid, but he does things that annoy you, I’d like to see what it’s like outside. He’s a boy who wants to be in the media and, well, he found a way to get there and be the focus of attention for something specific (the bullying they did to him). The truth is that later you start to analyze and He didn’t do anything more interesting in the hotel.”

Chanchi Estévez with Locho Loccisano in “The Hotel of the Famous”.

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