After the hot weather, Luc Trullemans announces a drop in temperatures and… thunderstorms: here’s what awaits you in the coming days…

The high pressure which will be centered this Friday between Iceland and Norway places us in a small flow of air coming mainly from the northeast in which clouds will initially evolve fairly well which will share the sky with clearings in the stream of the day.

As the air will still be humid and unstable, showers that may be accompanied by thunderstorms will develop in the afternoon and evening in the south and east of the country.

Temperatures will be seasonal, varying between 21 and 23º by the sea, between 24 and 27º in the interior of the country with even a peak between 27 and 29º in the south of the province of Luxembourg (Gaume)


Another small anticyclonic cell will develop in the Bay of Biscay and move slowly towards France.

It will make the wind veer towards the west while initially still keeping cloud formations which will dissipate strongly during the course of the afternoon,

One or the other shower will still be possible locally in the morning, especially in the south of the Ardennes relief.

Temperatures will remain very pleasant with highs between 22 and 24º on the coast and in the upper Ardennes and 24 to 28º in the plains of the interior of the country.


As the high pressure core continues its course eastward towards southern Germany, we will move into a weak south to southwest current which will bring more heat to us from southern France.

The air will also be drier with few or no clouds and temperatures locally exceeding the 30º mark in the plain, the maximum showing 29 to 32º in many places except at sea and in the upper Ardennes where we will note 27 to 29º.


A cold front associated with a depression which will move from Scotland to central Norway, will approach the west of the country giving it more clouds from noon and then showers or thunderstorms which will appear most of the center east in the evening.

It will still be very hot before the showers with highs between 27 and 32º in the interior and between 23 and 27º at sea and in the western regions.


Cooler ocean air will invade the country with clouds and a few showers but also large clearings in the coastal region.

Temperatures will drop to no longer exceed 20 to 22º in the afternoon at the sea and on the high Ardennes plateaus and 22 to 25º elsewhere.


With the arrival of a new anticyclone over Ireland, the airflow will turn north which will cause a small additional drop in temperature which will no longer exceed 18 to 20º on the beaches of the North Sea just like in the upper Ardennes and which will oscillate between 20 and 24º in the other regions.

The weather should start out cloudy or choppy in the morning but will clear up more in the afternoon and evening.

Trend for next weekend and the last weekend of July

The models once again predict hot and generally dry weather with, however, a risk of heat storms at the end of the day, especially in the south and east of the country.

Maximums close to 30º in the plain and 25º on the coast and on the Ardennes heights.

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