After the flirting offensive: Is Ekat also into Andreas Gabalier?

Is there really a new dream couple on the horizon? Andreas Gabalier (37) recently admitted in an interview that he really likes the dancer Ekaterina Leonova (35). The Let’s Dance professional is the singer’s absolute dream woman – he longs for a dance with her. Even on a desert island he would only take his guitar and her with him… Now Ekat responded to Andrew‘ Flirt offensive!

“Andreas is a likeable guy. And if he really wants to dance with me, you might see him on the floor.”she pointed to herself picture not averse to a rendezvous. However, she would not accompany the musician to a lonely island, but would rather shake a leg on solid ground. “Because dancing in the sand is pretty difficult,” joked Ekat.

Andrew In any case, he himself thinks that he would be a good match for the 35-year-old. “I’m a very easy-going, fun-loving and cool guy,” he explained. In addition, the “Hulapalu” interpreter is a real romantic – and would even put his career aside for his great love: “When the time comes, I want to do what my grandparents did and take full care of the family.”

Ekaterina Leonova, “Let’s Dance” fame

Instagram / andreasgabalier_official

Andreas Gabalier, July 2021
Ekaterina Leonova on “Let’s Dance”

Do you think the two will actually meet?

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