After the fight with Mica Viciconte, Nicole Neumann left a message about Fabián Cubero: "everything was fine"

Since nicole neumann Y Fabian Cubero they are separated, they had different media disputes. This increased since the former soccer player became the couple of Mica Vicicontewho joined the crossed statements against the current member of “The 8 Steps”.

In the last few hours, the driver uploaded a video of one of her daughters falling in the snow and showed it as a funny situation. Mica Viciconte did not let this go and published a mysterious message in their social networks that would be addressed to the mother of Sienna, Allegra and Indiana.

this time it was nicole neumann who left a comment about his former partner and father of the three girls. During the first broadcast of the day “The 8 Steps”, the presenter revealed the way in which she chose the three names of her heirs. In her story, he showed himself as the person who decided and looked up the names.

Nicole Neumann with two of her daughters and Manu Urcera, her new boyfriend.

Carmen Barbieri was present and remembered Fabian Cubero: “And the father didn’t say anything or you didn’t let him?”. true to his style, nicole neumann He was honest about the talks they had at that time: everything was fine. I told him and he liked everyone, there was no opposition”.

The truth is that the driver usually sends messages to her ex-husband and this time was no exception. The former soccer player became a father again a few months ago, so he tries not to enter into controversies between Mica Viciconte and the mother of his daughters.

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