After the father’s marriage: Thomas Gottschalk and his son speak plain language

After the father’s marriage
Thomas Gottschalk and his son talk plainly

Thomas Gottschalk and his wife Thea have been considered inseparable for over 40 years. But then 2019 is suddenly over – and the moderator already has a new woman by his side with Karina Mroß. Now he and his son Roman are speaking out about this difficult time for the family.

On Saturday, Thomas Gottschalk will once again become a zampano. Then another edition of his cult show “Wetten, dass ..?” will run. Before that, however, the 72-year-old and his 32-year-old son Roman have worked through their father-son relationship to some extent. In an interview with the magazine “Bunte”, the two also talk about Thomas Gottschalk’s separation from his longtime wife Thea.

Roman Gottschalk is the biological son of the moderator and his mother Thea. The 40-year-old also has a brother named Tristan, whom his parents adopted in 1989.

It was with the Asians that Thomas Gottschalk “gently told” his sons “that something had changed in his life,” Roman recalls. “It was a long and difficult conversation, for which I am grateful to my father.” The news of the separation after more than 40 years was of course “a hammer” at the beginning, which changed a lot. In the meantime, however, he has “established a rather friendly relationship” with his father, according to Roman Gottschalk.

“Karina treats him very lovingly”

He now visits his mother in Malibu more often than before, he reports. “It was not easy for her to cope with this situation. She has now come to terms with it and lives her life.” He is also happy for his father and his new girlfriend: “Karina treats him very lovingly and I can see that the two go well together.”

Roman and Tristan’s childhood with the famous father is also a topic in the “Bunte” conversation. Roman Gottschalk remembers: “Dad often took me to the shows and I would sit with him in his dressing room. Then world stars came in, but they didn’t interest me at all. The main thing was that I was with my father.”

The fact that Tristan was adopted never made a difference for him, Thomas Gottschalk also emphasizes in the interview. “I’ve always said that if I fell into the water, I would pull out the one I catch first. My nose and my blood don’t have to be preserved for the future.”

“You don’t waste my money”

As parents, they wanted to prevent “the children having to pay the price for everyone knowing me,” says Thomas Gottschalk. He is proud of the development of his sons: “The thought of marketing my name on a reality show has never occurred to them and they don’t waste my money pointlessly. I never had to send them to any addiction clinics or pay them new noses, what is the fate of some celebrity dads.”

The separation of Thomas and Thea Gottschalk became known in 2019. The two married in 1976 and had lived with their children in a house in Malibu, USA, since the early 1990s. Today Thomas Gottschalk is in a relationship with 59-year-old Karina Mroß. Roman Gottschalk is currently building a YouTube channel about golf, Tristan Gottschalk is training to be a programmer.

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