After the drama of losing “family business”, Diana Lopes ‘rolls up her sleeves’: “Start from scratch, with your head held high…”

Diana Lopes experienced (very) strong emotions in the last few hours. The now ex-competitor of “Big Brother” ended up not resisting and was even expelled last Sunday, November 13, thus leaving the house in Malveira.

Hours after returning to real life, Diana Lopes took to social media to reveal that she had lost the family business she had built over the past few years.

The businesswoman has a physical clothing store in Moreira, Maia, but the business has been done online, on Instagram, where she had thousands of followers on a page that was allegedly stolen: “These are YEARS of work with a lot of investment. It’s not just my job, it’s a family job”, start by confessing.

“During the afternoon of today, the store page appeared as “User not found”. We received attempts to enter the account in the e-mail and therefore we assume that they tried to steal the page. I don’t know what to do, please help. It’s YEARS of work with a lot of investment. It’s not just my work, but family work. How can I get my store page back?”, could be read in the statement.

Later, and after having already created a new page who is counting on the help of many influencers who have made her grow, Diana Lopes confessed: “I decided not to cross my arms and start from scratch”, confess.

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