After the death of the original director: Mel Gibson is supposed to save “Lethal Weapon 5”

At a fan event in London, Mel Gibson spoke about “Lethal Weapon 5” and revealed to the audience that he will be directing the action film.

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Richard Donner died in July 2021 at the age of 91. As one of the greatest of his craft, the filmmaker not only revolutionized the superhero genre with “Superman”, but also created genre classics such as “The Omen”, “The Goonies” and “The Spirits I Called”. The action series “Lethal Weapon”, in which Donner directed every film, is unforgettable. Until recently he worked on the script for “Lethal Weapon 5” and called it his duty to complete the series.

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With his death, many believed that the project would finally be over. But hope was already growing when Corey Feldman, who starred in Donner’s The Goonies, announced that he had met Mel Gibson at an event in honor of her late friend. There he talked to him about “Lethal Weapon 5” and Gibson indicated that he had already been advised to take over the direction.

Now Gibson personally confirmed that he will actually take a seat in the director’s chair. The 65-year-old was at a fan event in London and took the time to answer fans’ questions. The subject of “Lethal Weapon 5” also came up (via NME):

“The man who directed all of the ‘Lethal’ films, Richard Donner, was a great man. He was working on the script and he was pretty far with it. And one day he said to me, ‘Listen, boy. Should I give up the spoon, you will take over. ‘ And I said, ‘Shut up’ But he actually passed away. He asked me to do it and I hadn’t commented on it at the time. He told his wife and the studio and the producer. So I’ll be fifth [Film] stage.”

Whether Donner meant it as a joke at the time or – also because of his age – actually bet on Gibson taking over the helm, that is not known. The fact is, however, that Gibson as a director has a sure hand for a gripping staging, most recently he proved that in 2016 with “Hacksaw Ridge – The Decision”. Especially since Donner had not worked as a director for a long time at the time, his last film, “16 Blocks”, was now 15 years ago. Gibson’s time as Max Rockatansky in the “Mad Max” series, whose youngest offshoot, Tom Hardy, is one of the best end-time works in our video is also a long time ago.

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The whole team should step in front of the camera again

“Lethal Weapon 5” has been talked about for a long time. Donner’s script is said to be very advanced by the time he died. Perhaps the motivation now is to bring the project and the film series to a well-deserved end in his honor. According to the plan, not only should Mel Gibson and Danny Glover solve a case together again, but at least Rene Russo, Joe Pesci, Darlene Love and Chris Rock should also get an appearance – family was already a household name in an action series before “Fast & Furious” . But it might be difficult at Pesci, the 78-year-old is actually already retired.

Nothing is known about the plot itself, it just said beforehand that issues such as police violence should be taken up. Should Gibson actually direct the film, filming could possibly begin in 2022.

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