After the crisis post: Michèle de Roos explains Niko’s love lull

Michèle de Roos and Niko Griesert (31) are now going their separate ways! After their bumpy start with the bachelor, the two were considered an absolute dream couple until the end: Because after the 2021 show, they still found each other. But after speculation recently increased, the beauty only yesterday confessed to her fans that there was a crisis between her and her loved one! Now she got a little more specific: Michele explained how things are currently with her and her Niko stands!

Opposite to picture went Michele now closer to the impending love off – and explained why she plans to leave the shared apartment in Cologne: “It was an ongoing process. There are always ups and downs in a relationship. Disputes are of course also part of it. There have been various differences in the past, however, there was no decisive event. Of course it’s a shame that it has come to this.”

could be Michele because in the event of a love-off, imagine distributing the roses as a bachelorette? “Maybe, but at the moment I can’t get involved with anyone new so quickly. Niko is of course still very present in my heart. We experienced a lot of beautiful moments together, which I appreciate very much, but for me it’s the right decision right now.” Michele also honest in the interview.

Niko Griesert in April 2021

Bieber, Tamara/ActionPress

Niko Griesert and Michèle de Roos in September 2021 in Berlin

Willy C Randerath/Action Press

Michèle de Roos, ex-Bachelor Girl

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