After The Best Friend, another quirky comedy film opens on Netflix

French comedies are very successful on Netflix, and after the release of O Melhor Friend and many others, the platform celebrates the debut of Mimadinhos, which arrives in the Brazilian catalog this Friday. The film follows the story of a rich man who decides to play a trick on his children – and ends up getting involved in a big mess.

Mimadinho, originally released under the title “Spoiled rotten”, is a film by Nicolas Cuche, based on a script written by Cuche himself, in partnership with Laurent Turner.

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The film is part of Netflix’s great effort to familiarize the international audience with the style of films and series from several countries outside the Hollywood circuit. This strategy has generated great results for the platform, such as the worldwide success of South Korean production Round 6.

We explain below everything you need to know about the plot, cast and debut of Mimadinhos; check out.

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“A billionaire pretends to be broke to teach his children a lesson. Now they have to learn how to make a living,” says the official synopsis released by Netflix.

Mimadinhos’ plot, as the synopsis indicates, revolves around an extraordinarily rich family, made up of a working patriarch and three irresponsible and relaxed children.

Francis Bartek, the head of the family, is a wealthy and hardworking businessman who built his entire fortune on the sweat of working in a construction industry.

Of Polish origin, the billionaire feels that his children are becoming arrogant and lazy with so much money.

At the birthday party for his daughter Stella, who turns 24, Francis suffers a heart attack and decides to come up with a plan to teach his children a lesson.

The patriarch tells the children that the entire family fortune has been confiscated in a government investigation, and that the heirs would have to work to support themselves – for the first time in their lives.

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Will Francis’ children ever understand the value of work? Or will Francis’ farce be unraveled before then? Just checking Mimadinhos to find out.

The cast of Mimadinhos is formed by famous French actors, well known by the European public.

Gérard Jugnot (The Choir) plays Francis Bartek, the protagonist and responsible for his family’s finances.

Louka Meliava (Bug) is Alexandre Bartek, the eldest son of the family. Described as the “problem kid”, the character has been expelled from every school he attended.

Camille Lou (The Bazaar) lives Stella, Francis’ only daughter. The character is a vain, cocky and arrogant young woman who only thinks of marrying Juan Carlos, her lazy Argentine fiance.

Comedian Artus (Send Good! France) plays Phillippe Bartek, Francis’ heir who “gets involved in one failed project after another”.

The cast of Mimadinhos is completed by François Morel, as Ferrucio, and Tom Leeb as Juan Carlos.

Mimadinhos is now available on the Netflix catalogue.

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