After testicular cancer: Lennart Borchert is still fertile!

Lennart Borchert has taken precautions! The GZSZ actor announced a few days ago that he had been diagnosed with malignant testicular cancer. After an operation in which a silicone testicle was inserted and chemotherapy lenart cancer free today. Because he was afraid of becoming infertile during his illness, he had his sperm frozen to be on the safe side. Now he revealed if the chemo had an impact on his fertility!

In an interview with celebrity flash the 23-year-old said with relief that he is still fertile: “Fortunately, I’m still fertile.” Nevertheless, Lennart wanted to keep the sperm that he had frozen to be on the safe side: “I’ll keep the sperm frozen anyway, you never know,” revealed the actor.

Did his partner support him in making his illness public? Lennart only made his love for an unknown brunette official on his Instagram channel in July and confirmed to RTL: “Unplanned, I met someone who makes me very happy at the moment.” In the meantime, however, he has removed the photos with the woman from his profile.

Instagram / herecomeslenny

Lennart Borchert in front of the GZSZ set in September 2021

Instagram / herecomeslenny

Lennart Borchert in June 2020

Instagram / herecomeslenny

Lennart Borchert and his girlfriend

Do you think Lennart will continue to be supported by the brunette?

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