After Spider-Man Far From, Jake Gyllenhaal returns in a superhero movie with the Prophet

Jake Gylleenhaal is definitely on all fronts! While the thriller The Guilty just released on Netflix, the American actor still has many projects in stock. The proof with his recent casting in the film Prophet. According to early information, the story will follow John Prophet, a man who volunteered for a German experiment towards the end of WWII to support his family. However, after a bombardment buried him alive and trapped him underground for 20 years, he awoke in 1965. The world has evolved without him, his daughter is angry with him and the KGB agents pursue him to create super-soldiers from his blood.

Jake Gylleenhaal in The Guilty. – Credit (s): Netflix

What remind us of a certain Captain America! With Prophet, Jake Gyllenhaal will be back in the world of superheroes, this time in front of Sam Hargrave’s camera (Tyler Rake) after lending his features to Mysterio in Spider-Man : Far From Home. In addition, the universe of comics and their adaptations in live-action seems to attract more and more the actor, the latter having also been cast in Oblivion Song recently. Note however that before discovering it in this film as well as in Prophet, the actor has a busy schedule since we will first find him in Ambulance as well as in the HBO miniseries The Son.

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