After solar panels, solar tiles

Rather than solar panelsa recently launched company, Actinhomeproposes to use roof tiles solar: they take the form of classic tiles for all types of rooftopsbut are covered by a photovoltaic cell in silicon. “ I am launching new solar tiles in France based on a tile ceramic Nelskamp classic », explains Hugo Beauchène, founder of Actinhome and future student at the Epitech school. These ceramics, manufactured by the recognized tile company mainly in Germany, Nelskamp, ​​allow integration of the cells directly on the tiles, with ten solar tiles per square meter.

Currently, Actinhome offers two models of solar tiles : quarter notes with a power of 10 watts per tile, and reds with 8 Watts per tile. Because it is also through their aesthetic appearance that solar tiles stand out as good candidates. Less visible than large solar panels, they allow, according to the company, as much power while being discreet: “We created this ActinHome project with the aim of making accessible to the French a cost-effective, aesthetic means that is beneficial for our Planet”, writes H.Beauchene.

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