After Shitstorms: Coco Austin defends raising her children

Honest words from Coco Austin (43)! The wife of rapper Ice-T (64) has repeatedly had to take criticism about raising children in recent years. For example, she has received nasty comments for her decision to have her daughter Chanel Nicole (6) put on artificial fingernails. The fame now talked about the constantly recurring shitstorms in an interview. That let Coco even burst into tears!

In the current episode of the show Tamron Hall cried Cocowhile speaking to Tamron Hall about the “online parenting police.” “I’m under a microscope all the time and you don’t hear what you’re doing good”said the model. About the upbringing of her six-year-old daughter, she reported: “You don’t hear good things, only a lot of bad things. […] And I know I’m a good mother.” Coco stressed that she wants people to respect her because she does everything for her daughter.

Coco has made many headlines over the years because of her upbringing. Among other things, she had received criticism for pushing her baby daughter around in a stroller and bathing her in a kitchen sink. “Guys, you must know that I am an unconventional mother”, tweeted them in September in response to the shitstorm.

Coco Austin with daughter Chanel

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Coco Austin with her daughter Chanel, August 2021
Coco and her daughter Chanel

Do you think the criticism of Coco’s upbringing is justified?

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