After separating from Marcelo Tinelli, Guillermina Valdés received long-awaited news

On Tuesday, May 10, the news of the separation of Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés was released. In any case, both decided to keep a low profile in the face of this new stage in their lives, in addition to having ended on good terms.

As reported the Pavada from Diario Crónica, the businesswoman is spending her single days dedicated to her cosmetics brand. She can be seen on her social networks recommending creams and different products for her followers. As well as wants to add glasses, perfumes and more elements for skin care.

This was made known since the former jury of “ShowMatch:The Academy” would have submitted a registration application to launch its brand of lenses and aesthetic products. Both requests were published in the Trademark Bulletin without any opposition.

In addition, eyeglass frames are already being sold under the Guillermina Valdés name as a new brand. However, he still did not say anything about the creams since he was waiting for the approval of the Bulletin.

Guillermina Valdés and Marcelo Tinelli when they were a couple.

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