After Secret Truths 2, Camila Queiroz will have a series with Maisa on Netflix

Secret Truths 2 took everyone by surprise with the farewell of Camila Queiroz, to Angel, before the end of the season on Globoplay. Now, the actress’s next step is to appear in a series with Maisa Silva on Netflix.

This will be Camila Queiroz’s second production on Netflix. Before, alongside her husband Klebber Toledo, the actress presented Marriage to Cegas Brasil.

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In a note about the release of Verdades Secretas 2, the actress even commented that changing the character’s destiny would be a way of punishing her decision to no longer have an exclusive contract with Globo.

Check out below what is known about De Volta aos 15, a Netflix series that will have Maisa Silva and Camila Queiroz.

Camila Queiroz in series with Maisa

Camila Queiroz is one of the main characters in the series De Volta aos 15, starring Maisa Silva.

The comedy and drama production is based on the book of the same name, written by Brazilian author Bruna Vieira. The series arrives on the platform in 2022.

Back at 15 tells the story of Anita, a 30-year-old woman who ends up returning to when she was just 15 years old. The young woman tries to fix the lives of everyone around her, but each change in the past impacts everyone’s future – not always for the better.

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Camila Queiroz plays the adult version of the protagonist Anita, whose teenage version is brought to life by Maisa’s performance.

Back at 15 also features Klara Castanho, Yana Sardenberg, Pedro Ottoni, João Guilherme, Bruno Montaleone, Amanda Azevedo and Mariana Rios.

As mentioned, with Maisa and Camila Queiroz, De Volta aos 15 arrives in 2022 on Netflix. Secret Truths 2 is on Globoplay.

Check out a preview of the Netflix series below.

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