After Rio’s death: HealthyMandy visits the hospital for the first time

HealthyMandy and FitnessOskar are once again following in the footsteps of their deceased baby. The past few months have been anything but easy for the influencer couple. After her son Rio saw the light of day in July, it quickly became clear that the little one was suffering from an autoimmune disease. Her offspring died about a month ago at the age of just five months. Now Mandy and Oskar visited the hospital for the first time since Rio’s death.

In your Instagramstory, the blonde turned to her community and began to report on the emotional appointment. “We were in the hospital for the first time yesterday and I was always so afraid of the appointment,” said the influencer from the car. A few hours later she reported that her fears were completely unfounded. “It was good that we were there. Somehow you had this feeling that it was another piece of the puzzle that was missing in order to be able to process it in any way.”assured Mandy.

“I always thought it would be very, very bad for me to go to hospitals in general because you always associate that with it now,” she continued. For this reason, the mother is also particularly happy that she did not have a panic attack as expected, but rather felt relief. “This pain was also there, but this pain was bearable”, assured the 28-year-old. “I’m really proud that we pulled it off like this,” she added.

Instagram / healthy_mandy

FitnessOskar and HealthyMandy with their newborn in October 2022

Instagram / healthy_mandy

HealthyMandy with her son Rio (†)

Instagram / healthy_mandy

FitnessOskar with his son Rio and Mandy

What do you think of the fact that Mandy lets the fans participate in such moments in her life?

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