After razing pastry workers, Débora Monteiro explains but maintains her opinion

Débora Monteiro resorted to social media yesterday to show that she was not satisfied with the service provided at a commercial establishment.

The SIC actress shared a video, through the stories on her Instagram account, where she reports the poor service she was subjected to, and razed the “superior employees” of the commercial space that she initially indicated would be in Algés.

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“In the same way that I like to share with you places that I like, and that I find cool and interesting, I will share one that has been really correct, and they are very poorly formed”, began by explaining.

“The place could even be very nice, if it didn’t have some employees, who must have a higher position than other employees, who are really poorly educated and poorly educated…”, revealed the actress

Remember the video here:

This Thursday morning, the actress resorted to social media again to leave a clarification, but maintains her opinion: “I apologize to Algés, I don’t even know if there is one, but I got it wrong. The opinion is the same, employees with some position, very poorly trained”, it can be read.

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