After publication on transport, Rita Pereira receives (harsh) criticism: “An influencer has to be aware…”

Rita Pereira yesterday resorted to social networks to share on feed of Instagram that recently caught the ferry that connects Setúbal to Troia and who was overjoyed by the experience.

A week ago today I took the boat from Setúbal to Troia just at sunset. It was super beautiful. I kept thinking about who makes that route every day. Not bad. What transport do you take to work?“, he wrote in the description of the publication.

Among the praise for the portrait, there were also several criticisms towards the outburst made by the actress: “Notion’s train didn’t stop at this station“, “quiet you were a poet“, “Is this caption a joke or is it just a lack of notion?“, “Try this route every day to work.“, “just ridiculous“, “Only 💩 in this head“, “An influencer has to be aware of what she writes“, “Oh oh Rita!! You are capable of better. Ask your agent for tips“, are just some of the comments that can be read.

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