After Pierre Niney, Brad Pitt finds himself in the demonstration against the pension reform!

It’s the rumble in France! And this weekend of March 18 and 19, 2023 seems to be the peak. In question, the pension reform that the government of Emmanuel Macron is trying to pass “in force” as allowed by article 49.3 of the Constitution that the one decided to have adopted on March 16. Such an appeal makes it possible to have a reform adopted without the vote of the National Assembly. Since then, the mobilization has hardened throughout the country. Questioned by our colleagues from The Dispatchan opponent living in Marseille and a telecom engineer in the aviation industry declares: What do we have left but to continue to demonstrate? We only have mobilization, which was peaceful until 49.3. But now it’s going to potentially put social tension everywhere.” In the capital, the fear of a radicalization of the protest led the authorities to ban any gathering on Saturday on the large Parisian place of Concorde. About 4,000 people gathered there and clashes erupted Thursday and Friday evening. The latter retreated to the Place d’Italie where they again proclaimed on Saturday their refusal to increase the retirement age from 62 to 64 years old. High point of the revolt and this very unpopular reform desired by President Emmanuel Macron. According The Journal ofSunday, the popularity of the head of state has collapsed to 28% this month. A figure at the lowest since the end of the Yellow Vests crisis in 2019.

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“Retirement at 64? Rather Grever”

In this warlike atmosphere, fortunately some demonstrators showed originality and humor! Their placards read: “Metro, Work, Tomb”, “Retirement at 64? Rather Grever!”, “We can telecommute in nursing homes?” or “Tired of simulating my retirement, I want to enjoy it”… And many personalities find themselves, in spite of themselves, at the heart of this conflict. Images and videos cheerfully broadcast and shared on social networks! This was the case recently of Pierre Niney but also of Brad Pitt today. A sign held by an elderly lady reads: “If we had wanted to be fucked by the government, WE WOULD HAVE ELECTED BRAD PITT”, portrait of the famous key actor. A cliché so funny that Pierre Lescure, famous specialist in 7th Art, which can be found every week on France 2 on his show Nice gesture dedicated to prominent actors and movie outings, couldn’t help but tweet! With the message: “Madame is right, let’s call a spade a spade”. Finally the opportunity for joyful comments on this anxiety crisis! By the way, how old is Pierre Lescure? 77 years!


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