After offspring number two: Is Angelina Pannek still breastfeeding?

Is Angelina Pannek (30) still breastfeeding her baby? At the end of September, the influencer announced that she had become a mother again. After the birth of her son more than two years ago, she and her husband Sebastian Pannek (36) were able to welcome a little daughter into the world. As for the details of how she treats the kids, that’s okay angelina very reticent in public. Now she chatted openly about breastfeeding!

In your InstagramThe 30-year-old revealed the story: “Yes, I like to breastfeed and for a long time.” When a follower asked if she had any teething troubles, she explained: “I would say no. I was also very relaxed and always knew that it would work out.” Sometimes it takes a day or two or even three days to get used to it completely. “I knew that from the first time and yet I never had to feed it,” explained the former jungle camp candidate.

In addition, made angelina clear that you should not have the bottle forced on you by the hospital staff directly after the birth. “Only talk to doctors when making decisions like this, not to the nurses when it comes to serious decisions. I’m very glad that I didn’t let myself be unsettled, because breastfeeding is very important to me.”the ex-Bachelor candidate clarified.

Sebastian and Angelina Pannek 2019 in Berlin

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Angelina Pannek, influencer

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Angelina Pannek, influencer

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