After more than a year of the death of MC Kevin, Deolane Bezerra talks about the relationship with the singer: “Purpose of God”

The most “popular” doctor in Brazil, Deolane Bezerra opens the doors of her mansion, located in a luxury condominium in Alphaville (SP), to presenter Daniela Albuquerque.

During the chat, which will air on “Sensational“(TV network!) this Thursday (08/04), at 10:30 pm, the widow of MC Kevin recalls the relationship of just over a year with the singer, who died in May 2021 after falling from the balcony of the hotel where he was staying in Rio de Janeiro.

“I believe that Kevin in my life and I in his was a purpose of God. So I gladly accept. I have my moments of sadness, as I have moments of happiness because he passed through my life”, declares the 34-year-old lawyer and digital influencer, who says she misses her partner.

“I will always miss you and the memories. But this longing is changing, because things are coming in [novas] in my life that fills. The head doesn’t stop, it doesn’t just focus on that”, says the interviewee. “I will continue to pray for him until the last day (…) Today, I am in that transition phase, of clinging to God and praying. It’s the only thing I can do.”

Mother of three, Deolane Bezerra also opens up about motherhood and remembers the adoption of her firstborn Giliard Santos. “I got him when I was 16. He was next door to a restaurant my mother owned. He was alone at home and they called the police, I stayed with him until his parents arrived and that until today, 18 years [depois]”, reveals.

“He is not in my name, now that we have filed a lawsuit. I was very young and I was afraid the judge would take him away from me. I never had this legal battle out of fear”, she says.

In the RedeTV! attraction, the lawyer is still considering not thinking about increasing her family: “I love children. It messes with me a lot (…) If God prepares, I’ll accept. Now, make plans? For now, no.”

Starting this week, ‘Sensational’ will be shown again on Thursdays, at 10:30 pm, on RedeTV!.

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