After “message” to critics, Jessica Athayde takes “reprimand” from fan and reacts: “There are limits…”

Jessica Athayde used social networks, on the afternoon of Friday, January 14, to leave a “message” to those who criticize her, due to the teeth of her son, Oliver, two years old:

“Wanted to send all my followers who annoy me with my son’s teeth, ‘F****** dust, okay?!”, began by saying.

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Remember here: Jessica Athayde ‘explodes’: “I want to send dust to **** who annoys me with my son’s teeth”

After the “peel” she gave to critics, Jessica Athayde received a message from one of her followers and decided to share it:

“A little exaggerated, doesn’t this language seem to you? We like to follow you but there are limits because we often have children next door…”, began by writing the fan in question.

“(…) You are on Insta by choice and you will hear/read good and bad things, you can show your indignation, irritation, discomfort with situations but please use common sense in the choice of language. There are limits… It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Either you have the ability to be on a social network like this or you don’t, sorry but I also had to show my indignation”.

Jessica Athayde just reacted, in the description: “What do we say to this lady?”

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