After love off: Caro Einhoff spent time with ex Richard

Is there a comeback for Caroline Einhoff (31) and Richard Heinze (25)? At the end of October, the Cologne 50667 actor and the influencer announced their separation. After he first spoke up on the internet and confirmed that there was no longer any contact, his statement took a few days to come. But now things seem to have changed: Caro revealed that she even spent a night with Richard have spent.

In your Instagramstory, Caro told her followers how she and her ex got back in touch. On vacation in Thailand, she could read from his story that it Richard apparently not feeling well and felt the urge to help. “I sympathized and wanted him not to be alone and not need to be”, she explained. As luck would have it, the TV star was on another Thai island at the same time and did not hesitate to go to him. “It was all so super-unexpectedly familiar. Like no time had passed,” she recalled. The two spent the day and eventually the night together.

Richard During this time, he suffered severe panic attacks that even took him to the hospital. Caro then looked after him for a few days and then put him on the plane to Germany. Caro left out exactly how their relationship is now, but the connection seems to be there: “There was something very magically connecting.”

Caroline Einhoff in August 2020
Richard Heinze and Caroline Einhoff

Instagram / richard_heinzee

Richard Heinze and Caroline Einhoff

Do you think Caro and Richard will give each other another chance?

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