After losing against "Big Brother", "The Hotel of the Famous 2" change time

Just a week after its premiere, the workhorse of The thirteen for summer 2023 change time. “The Hotel of the Famous 2” tried to deal with Big Brother 2022″ and fell below expectationsso starting next week he will be making a calculated withdrawal from prime time.

The second edition of “The Hotel of the Famous” premiered this Monday, January 9 and already loaded with controversy, love affairs, villains and clashes. Nevertheless, that wasn’t enough to deal with last year’s revelation: with an overloaded gala that saw rabbit’s exit and the income of Santiago del Moro to the house, the program teleph overshadowed the premiere of its competition by a margin of up to 15 rating points.

With the reality show they host Pampita Ardohain Y chinese leunis oscillating between 5 points for its first three days of issuance, The thirteen He has already announced that he will take drastic measures. As of Monday the 16th, “The Hotel of the Famous 2” will appear in the evening slot at 6:30 compete with one of the new Turkish novels by teleph.

“El Hotel del los Famosos” changes its schedule.

Who will take the place of the celebrity reality show? To fill the hole, the channel of the sun made a series of movements: on the one hand, “The 8 steps of the two million” of Guido Kaczka will add half an hour to your schedule and it will stretch until 23. At that time it will start “Mother’s Love”the new Turkish novel that debuted this Monday, precisely at 6:30 p.m.

Not all the premieres of the Thirteen fell below expectations: Alex Caniggia also had his debut as a driver on the second Monday of the year with “The Usual Strangers”. The channel’s new game show remained second in the slot with a floor of 4.1 points and a maximum mark of 5.4 points. With a consolidated average of 4.4 points.

Pampita and Chino Leunis host “El Hotel de los Famosos 2”.

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