After losing 75 kg, Solange Almeida’s son launches himself as a singer: "today i feel good"

Son of Solange Almeida, Rafa Almeida, 22, said he gained more confidence after managing to eliminate 75 kg. In a new personal and professional phase, he decided to bet on forró and launches, this Friday (13/05), his first single: Impacto.

When talking about the subject, Rafa said that he is prepared for possible comparisons of the public with his mother:

“There is always pressure (from others) (laughs). It’s like I have to prove something all the time, until people understand that everyone has their own star. I was already prepared to compare myself to my mother, it’s a big responsibility, even more because she has one of the most beautiful voices in Brazil”, he explained to Extra.

To the publication, Rafa told that he exchanges stickers with Solange about his career in music and revealed that it “took a while” to try to be a professional singer:

“My mother is my friend, counselor, my everything. She always gave me advice even before I chose music. It’s just that, at school, I was part of the Mathematics, Physics Olympic class… She thought I would have another career There was a time when I formed a band at school, but my mother forbade me because it was keeping me from studying (laughs). It turns out that at the age of 14 I started composing and earning money from it. At 18, I started studying Administration, I did a month, but she saw that there was no way I could escape from music. My mother supports me a lot, she said that we need to do what we like”, he continued.

Bariatric surgery

Before investing in his artistic career, Rafa underwent an incredible transformation. Two years ago, he underwent bariatric surgery and managed to eliminate an incredible 75 kg:

“It’s horrible, but I knew that by the reality of society, I would suffer a lot of judgments. It seems like it doesn’t matter what you have inside. It hurts. I wanted to be safe with myself. Today, I feel very good, I’m happy and grateful “, he assured, who weighed 151 kg.

The “new body” even changed the behavior of fans on social networks:

“It took a gigantic turn of the key. The head is like a roller coaster. I tried to understand: what was missing for people to notice me before and now? Unfortunately, there are certain patterns that are difficult to break. I go to therapy. what to do. It’s what helps me, makes me feel light and helps me understand”, he pointed out.

Single for six months, Rafa said that he has been giving leash to the jokes of fans who ask to date him.

“When it’s a joke, I go in. To these fans, I say, ‘Will you have the patience to date me?’ (laughs) It’s just that I’m extroverted, I think I give off the feeling of being everyone’s friend. That must be why people joke like we already know each other. I’m not used to being harassed. I still remember when it was chubby. That didn’t happen. I’m living in another reality”, he added.

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