After Longepée, he wants the head of Gerard Lopez

In disagreement with the choices made in recent years, Marc Planus is angry with the management of Bordeaux. The former Girondins captain believes that President Gérard Lopez messed up at the start of the season. And that the leader must leave his place.

Probably relegated to Ligue 2 at the end of the season, Bordeaux provokes the anger of the elders of the house. Alain Giresse notably spoke, regretting that the club did not ask him. And it is now the turn of Marc Planus to criticize the management. ” When you start the season with a coach (Vladimir Petkovic) who doesn’t know the league, doesn’t speak the language and you recruit players who don’t know Ligue 1 and the language either, you shoot yourself the foot before the start of the championship “, denounced the supporter of the Girondins on Aquitaine Radio Live.

Then Marc Planus dwelt on the consequences of the probable descent and on the image of the Girondins. ” The results are catastrophiche noted. The human losses will be considerable and that is what saddens me the most. It’s not so much the sports results that bother me, it can happen. But that’s the image of the club. Admittedly, being 20th is scandalous for such a club. But in terms of image, we are the laughingstock of the championship. On what has been done, there is nothing coherent. Everything has been flouted at all levels. “His main target nevertheless remains the owner and president Gérard Lopez, criticized for the dismissal of executives.

The Costil and Koscielny cases

The pompom was the episode with Costil and Koscielny! I’m going to be led to believe there’s a problem with Koscielny? He who never had a problem under Gourcuff, Deschamps and Wenger and in Bordeaux, would there be a problem with him? We didn’t even have the dignity to make him play one last match in front of his family and loved ones. Is that Bordeaux? In Triaud’s time, there would never have been that. A strong club requires a strong president and today in Bordeaux, we don’t know who is leading “, dropped Marc Planus, in favor of a new change in the organization chart.

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