After La Casa de Papel: these are the 3 best Spanish series that streaming gave

It is not in dispute that The Money Heist has set a trend in the industry. The series, which was initially canceled by Antena 3, arrived on Netflix and ended up becoming an unstoppable rage. In fact, it reached such a point that the story progressed and grew in an abysmal way that the platform decided to take it to have a total of five seasons, thus having a definitive closure last year.

However, the truth is that The Money Heist It crossed borders in a historic way, so Netflix chose not to miss the opportunity to continue generating fury. Therefore, so that fans do not miss this police drama, the streaming giant created a Korean remake that was released just a few months ago. Although, as if this were not enough, the universe of these characters has also expanded.

Well, Netflix confirmed that The Money Heist will have a spin off and the one chosen to star in this creation will be none other than Pedro Alonso, who in the five editions brought Berlin to life. Without a doubt, this character was one of the most beloved and will soon return to life to tell his own story. In other words, this reveals the phenomenon that has generated this strip.

However, the reality is that it is not the only fiction that reached a certain point of success. This is because, after the sensation it generated The Money Heist The Spanish industry has opened up to the world and thousands of platforms ended up betting on this type of creation. But, among all, from spoilers We chose the three best Spanish series that streaming left.

+ The 3 best Spanish series that left streaming:

3. The Cable Girls:

By more than The Money Heist managed to travel the world thanks to Netflix, its first editions are not original to the platform. For this reason, the strip that becomes the first Spanish creation of the streaming giant is The Cable Girls. After the boom of the story written by Álex Pina, this fiction met expectations and became one of the most viewed worldwide.

Spoiler Synopsis: The main plot of this series is friendship. Well, Las Chicas del Cable follows four friends who meet at the first telephone company in Madrid, which opens just before the crash of 29. From there their bond grows in an unparalleled way and they are ready to go through together all adversities.

2. VIS to VIS:

It is not in dispute that this production has marked an entire generation. Although many initially compared it to Orange is the new Black, The truth is that it doesn’t look like anything. Well, his story has a completely different approach since it leaves another type of message. In fact, this is why it became one of the most important creations left by streaming, even though it is not a Netflix original.

Spoiler Synopsis: Despite her brilliant mind, Macarena is a fragile and naive young woman who believed in the wrong person. Therefore, she has no choice but to go to jail for a crime of embezzlement while awaiting a trial that may take much longer than expected. But, when she enters the prison, she discovers a dark world that makes her grow through fighting and survival.

1. Merli:

Despite The Money Heist It has been one of the most watched suspense and action series in history, Merli caused the same fury and effect among the spectators. It is that, although it is a completely different series from that of Álex Pina, this production has a philosophical and moving approach that knew how to catch its users. In fact, more than once, fans confessed that they have seen the series on more than one occasion.

Spoiler Synopsis: Merlí Bergeron, a philosophy professor, chooses a group of high school students to turn them into “the peripatetics of the 21st century”. From this, Merlí teaches them to see life in a different way, questioning things and reflecting on them. But, his ironic character ends up turning him into one of the most hated teachers in the institute.

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