After Julian’s flirt photos: does Bibi Classen counter with a dinner date?

Is that Bibi Claßen’s (29) answer to the headlines of the past few days? After splitting from her husband Julian (29), it appeared that the YouTuber was already in a new relationship with Timothy Hill. Numerous photos showed the lovebirds cuddling. In the past few days, her ex followed up – and snuggled unabashedly with a brunette. If Bibi now want to counter Julian’s flirting photos?

After this celebrity flash photos were available again in the afternoon showing Julian holding hands with a woman Bibi only a few hours later apparently her answer to it. In your Instagram-Story the mother-of-two shared a snap from the dinner – and a man’s hand can be clearly seen on it. This is very likely to be the case Timothy!

If Bibi wanted to make it clear that she too is enjoying her life after the breakup? So far, the influencer has hardly commented on the marriage with her long-term partner. Julian also only confirmed the dispute with a short statement in May.

Instagram / bibisbeautypalace

Bibi Claßen and Timothy Hill at dinner
Julian Classen with a woman in Cologne, June 2022
Bibi Claßen and (presumably) Timothy Hill in London in May 2022

Do you think Bibi’s posting was a tactic?

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