After huge pressure: TicketMaster cancels the sale of tickets for the world star’s tour

The sale has been cancelled.

This is what ticket exchange TicketMaster says on Twitter about the public sale of tickets for Tayloy Swift’s ‘The Eras’ tour, which should have started on Friday.

“Due to extra pressure on the ticketing system and a lack of tickets in relation to demand, the public sale for Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras’ tour tomorrow has been cancelled,” they write.

This decision comes after a chaotic pre-sale which has caused panic in the pop star’s fan base. On Tuesday, she thus sold two million tickets, which is a new record for a solo artist, writes CNN.

They’ve been desperately chasing tickets and been stuck in hour-long queues online only to see TicketMaster go down every now and then, sending them back to the back of the queue.

Nothing has been announced about when the open sale of tickets is expected to take place instead – if it happens at all.

Taylor Swift recently added 17 locations to her tour, bringing it to a total of 52 concerts.

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